Some people find a cleaning service when they realize that getting help with cleaning saves them time and energy to do other things while still maintaining a comfortable home. Some clients attest that it has saved their marriages, reduced their stress levels and family fights, and given them more time to spend together.

You can do a few things before your cleaning service comes that will help you get the most for your money. Doing the tasks listed below will help speed up the process and ensure that everything you want to happen goes smoothly.


1. Ensure That Your Pets Do Not Get in the Way

Tell the cleaning service what kind of pets you have. As a result, they can better plan and execute cleaning duties. 

Pets should be put out of harm’s way before cleaning day comes, either in their kennel or in a daycare facility where they won’t be bothered. 

Even though your dogs seem friendly, and we absolutely adore them!, they may become fearful if a stranger enters the house.

2. Being Prompt in Sharing Your Thoughts

Before they begin cleaning, tell the cleaning service your priorities. Let the cleaning crew know if you have any particular cleaning demands or requirements. 

Your house will be cleaned from top to bottom by the cleaning company. 

Having a one-time cleaning done by a professional may be a better option if you’re away from home for an extended time or have unexpected visitors.

3. Be Specific about Your Supplies

Provide directions to trash bags, vacuums, and other materials if you won’t be home when cleaning is done. 

Depending on the company, some offer items, and others do not. Make it clear who is responsible for what and how limited the supply is.

4. Organize Your Space

The cleaning crew doesn’t often handle dishwashing, laundry, and general picking up. They won’t perform as well if they can’t get to a specific area to clean since it’s not accessible.

Clearing the counters, sinks, and floors of clutter allows the cleaning crew to focus on the most critical aspects of the job.



Having a clean comfortable home is essential. However, cleaning all the wonderfully different components that create that comfort can be quite the challenge! Fortunately, hiring home cleaning services are as simple as a click or call away. Visit us at or Call Rooms All Clean today!